• Titan
    • Team builder page​
    • Performance page
  • Sole UX Designer in charge of:
    • Research
    • UI design
    • Interaction design
    • Icon design
    • Color palette/visual language
  • Gamification
  • Information architecture
  • Feedback
  • Motivational design
  • Delight
  • Universal conventions
Project results
  • Improved the existing designs for these two features
  • Created a better way for users to see performance and manage their team
Design problem
  • The first two deployments of this feature had several usability issues.

  • ​This was caused by:​

  • An incomplete picture of the design needs​

  • Engineering issues

  • For this design iteration, I took a much more methodical approach in determining the correct problem to solve​.

Planning and ideation
  • I made simple story board frames of the screens in the app to show to stake holders and get approval and buy-in.

performance screen
  • The performance screen went through many iteration of design, gathering feedback from several sources as it progressed.

  • You can see that progression below:

team builder
  • The team builder needed to allow people to add and remove people from a list at ease. 

  • I did some initial planning to get some quantitative data on what would be the best method to do that. You can see that here.

  • Ultimately I went with a rapidly iterative approach to designing and getting feedback. This led to a solid design, that should accomplish all requirements.

design implications
  • The new design disrupted other elements of the overall product design that led to the need for a navigation redesign and an information architecture overhaul.

  • Below is the rough process of the navigation redesign.

Design handoff
  • The newly designed pages and menu interactions led to a more cohesive product, better interactions, and more feedback to the user.