• Leadership tools
  • Mobile design
  • Sole UX Designer in charge of:
    • User research​
    • Wireframing
    • Usability testing
    • Animation production
    • Design language
    • Interaction design
  • Chunking
  • Alignment
  • Information architecture
  • Gestalt
Project results
  • Produced an app for leadership roles that allowed them to see team performance without being at their computer.
  • Create an app that allows manufacturing leadership personnel to access their team's performance data on the go.

low res prototyping & wireframing
  • Since we were using existing report data there was no need for deep research. I simply ported over existing data into a mobile form.

  • The only base level design needed was some simple information architecture and interaction design.

medium res prototyping
  • I made simple story board frames of the screens in the app to show to stake holders and get approval and buy-in.

interactive prototype
  • I made an interactive prototype using This really helped the devs see the vision of the app.

adding visual flair & user delight
  • I designed a loading animation sequence for the app. 

  • It followed a playful industrial feel to connect it to our manufacturing industry users.

  • I animated the elements in Adobe After Effects a exported it as a .json file using Airbnb's Lottie Files platform.

final animation
Design handoff
  • I used Atlassian's Confluence to document the design and facilitate good communication between the design and development departments.

usability testing
  • I wanted to make sure I didn't have any major usability issues so I wrote a test script with tasks that simulated use cases.

  • I put the product in the hands of a live user to test for usability problems and to discover bugs.

  • I recorded the sessions on video so that I could share them with the development team as needed.