• Blog
  • Online education
  • Landing page
  • Sole Designer in charge of:
    • Brand identity
    • Logo design
    • Typography
    • Mobile design
    • Iconography
  • Black effect
  • F-patterns
  • Gestalt
  • Common conventions
  • Chunking
Project results
  • Very successful e-commerce site
  • Created professional grade website for a small new company
  • Website and company later sold to a third party (the website being a main selling point)
Design problem
  • Create a modern education/blog website from the ground up.

  • Design and create branding colors, fonts, imagery, interactions, iconography, and logos.

brand identity
  • Falling Ducks provides online instructional content. The website is still in development.

  • I chose a black and yellow theme for the logo and website. This echoes yellow road and traffic signs.

  • I wanted the brightest yellow possible without looking artificial. I settled on a slightly muddy yellow: #ebeb00.

font choice
  • The primary font, Bebas Neue, was chosen as a neutral font that also is similar to construction/road signs.

logo design
  • The logo and company name is meant to be a play on the FALLING ROCKS road sign

UI design
  • Since the business is new and somewhat obscure I made sure that the website headline/title explained explicitly what the business does.

  • Having a clear call-to-action guides users to complete the current primary goal of the website.

  • On an unreleased page of the site I used extensive symbols and short copy to compare and contrast traditional events with Falling Duck's upcoming service.