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E-commerce for an outdoor products retailer

Creating a premium brand feel with a rugged aesthetic.


My Role

Once upon a time my brother and I started an e-commerce business around our shared love of waterfowl hunting. He did the manufacturing, I handled the design. 


Brand identity

As a company offering premium-priced products we needed to convey a premium quality look and feel while staying true to our roots of the rugged outdoors. 



From customer service calls, it became obvious that users were struggling to understanding the intricacies of our products. I decided I needed to create a guide tool that worked like a funnel to help customers narrow down their choices.


Information Architecture

I designed a workflow that chunked the features of the product into manageable pieces instead of having to make many confusing choices all at once. The tool educated the user as they progress. 



The website utilized page anchors to move the user through the decision process. It utilized common heuristics like system status, forgiving design, chunking, and help and documentation. See more details below.


Website design

The rest of the website had to meet certain design criteria that won't be discussed here, but shots of the final desktop and mobile site are below.



Turns out running a business is hard. It never took off like we wanted it to. I was however, able to successfully sell my stake in the business including the website. And I learned a lot on the multi-year journey.