research need
  • I needed to know what our users were like.

  • Not having the time or resources to do a full persona study I went for the proto-persona approach.

  • This allowed me to gather from the experience and knowledge of people with first-hand interactions with real users, like sales and operations people.

  • Through our meetings and strategy framework I was able to develop a good base knowledge of:

  • Who our users are​

  • What other products they likely use

  • What level of tech experience they have

  • By developing these proto-personas, we were able to make some fairly accurate assumptions obout the work dynamic that existed at our most typical customers.

  • Even though I made these proto-personas early in my time with the company and have now since had many interactions with real users, these proto-personas have proven to be quite accurate.

  • Early on in my time designing products for these users, before I had the opportunity of real exposure, the personas helped immensely.