• Ampogee was developing several peripheral products and we were unsure of what to call them.

  • Short of hiring a marketing firm or using whatever randomly came to our head, I decided to take a methodical and research-backed approach.

  • My first attempt was to create a word cloud using one of our published documents that described our business. This didn't yield any obvious results so I changed strategies.

  • I did a lot of research into the psychology of branding and brand naming.

  • I found a very helpful resource. A 100 page guide to naming products based on years of research.

  • I summarized what I learned into a digestible slide format so I could reference the info as i worked.

  • Using the strategies i learned I went about compiling a very large list of possible product names.

  • The list was over 200 names long

  • From here,  I used strategies to narrow down the list to find the most appropriate titles.

  • Even though we came up with several viable possibilities that we were confident in based on the research and discussion, we ultimately decided that our strategy was wrong. We needed a more unified vision for the product branding as a whole.

  • The exercise was not a loss though because of the great learning about branding and psychology I came away with. 

  • Now I am armed with the tools to create amazing product names in the future.