Real-time data-visualization and management

Allowing leadership to access their team's performance data quickly and easily.
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My Role

This product is the companion to the productivity application I built during my time at the startup company Ampogee, and as such I was the sole designer on this project.



For the data that we collect via the app to be valuable we needed a way to display the information to leadership. This was done with the goal of giving actionable insight.

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Information Architecture

I wanted to make sure the tool would be easy to navigate. I created this basic information architecture as the foundation of the web app.


Feature Prioritization

I wanted to make sure we were focusing on the right things a the right time, so I ran this prioritization exercise with the team.


Concept Sketching

I created several concept sketches of each screen.


High-fidelity Designs

I created several high-fidelity designs to deliver to the development team for reference.


Clickable Prototype

I created a clickable prototype to test the calendar concept of the web app.